Hong Kong police haul protesters away as camp site is dismantled

FlickrNation, Episode 2 Image by Thomas Hawk FlickrNation, Episode 2, Download the show here. Show Notes: 1:00: New website home flickrnation.com. You can vote for the podcast on Podcast Alley here. The RSS feed for the show is here. Contact info: tom@thomashawk.com, Yahoo Messenger: thomashawk22, Skype: thomashawkskype, Phone: 415-992-5350. 2:30: Two new Flickr features: Auto-Magically Rotate and Allow Blogging. 3:45: Yahoo!’s logon process to get "flickerized" according to Stewart Butterfield. 5:45: Flickr mentioned on CNET’s news.com, Tagging Gives Web a Human Meaning. 8:40: Flickr Staff blogs: Sylloge (Stewart Butterfield), http://www.hchamp.com/ (Heather Champ), http://www.caterina.net/ (Caterina Fake), http://www.iamcal.com/ (Cal Henderson), george08.blogspot.com/ (George


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