West hopes for Iran concessions in nuclear talks

The Brooklyn Stoop 1977 70s Kodachrome 25 Slide Image by Whiskeygonebad ON THE BBC !!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/photoblog/2010/01/latest_news_on_my_k… Randy, Chris, Me, Paula, Christine. Across from my house down the street a bit. This was the second most popular stoop to hang out on: Chris’ stoop. Timer on SRT-102 or my XE-7 50mm Kodachrome 25 slide film on tripod: I ran in.People have asked why is it not like this now. A good question. I sincerely believe that young people have become anti-social in many ways. Conversation on "the stoop" was slow and sporadic. We chided each other, told stories about school and


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