Scott Walker Signs Gun Rights Bill Despite Shootings

Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday signed a pair of bills that will reduce the gun restrictions in Wisconsin and which would make it quicker to buy guns and easier to carry them. All this despite the recent shootings in South Carolina.

Under the new laws, off-duty, retired and out-of-state police officers will be allowed to carry guns on school campuses, and a longstanding 48-hour waiting period to buy handguns is eliminated.

The bills were passed by the Wisconsin Legislature before a high-profile shooting in a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, last week renewed a national conversation about regulating firearms.

Wednesday’s signing was announced by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke via Twitter, exactly one week after the shooting.

“If we had pulled back on this, I think it would have given people the erroneous opinion that what we signed into law today had anything to do with what happened in Charleston,” Walker said at the ceremony, held at the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

The governor said the country’s focus should be on the families affected by the shooting and on condemning the shooter.

“We need to denounce not just the acts, but to denounce the beliefs that he had. This was a racist, evil man who needs to be called out … this should be unacceptable in America,” Walker said.

Dylan Roof – a 21 year old man entered the church and callously and with hatred took the lives of nine innocent people who were in a bible study class. The shootings have been touted as “evil and racist”.

It’s not exactly clear how Roof got his gun and has been suggested that it was given to him as a gift from a family member and without any background checks. This is perhaps a weakness that we can see within the law that allows people to get a firearm without backgorund checks and causes issues for responsibel gun owners.

Walker has been a long-standing supporter of gun rights and has a top rating within the NRA (National Rifle Association). He is known for his support of concealed carry and the rights for homeownners to protect themeselves against intruders.

Walker is now under a light of controversy for his comments made regarding the confedirate flag after walker stated that the debate could be waited until there was time to mourn those lost.“I am sure that, from the perspective of the Walker campaign, the timing of the bill signings is unfortunate,” he said. “Combined with his flip-flop on the question of removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds, Republican activists might start questioning the competence of his campaign organization. I do not think, however, the gun bills themselves will hurt him with Republican primary voters, particularly in the early voting states. via

We at GCMA would like to know what our readers think about this move by walker to sign the bill. Should it have waited out or is it ok to seperate the two.

via Scott Walker expands gun rights, says S.C. governor asked him not to comment on flag : Wsj

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