Chattanooga Shooting- Gun Dealer Say’s No To Muslims

America Mourned At The Loss Of Their Heroes.

chatanooga shootingIt is very heartbreaking for the country that lost its four heroes on Thrusday, July 16, 2015, Chattanooga, Tennessee. The 24-year old gunman, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez who killed five American troops was later shot dead by the police.

The shooter’s family who never thought him to a real threat told officials that he was depressed, deeply troubled, mentally ill, and abusing drugs. His friends were shocked and surprised to hear about his deadly attack on innocent people. His family representative thinks he was unable to cope with 12 hour overnight shift and was taking sleeping pills. In the past, he was charged with drunk driving, facing an appearance in criminal court, and was preparing for bankruptcy.

According to US Attorney Bill Killian, the deadly attack has been investigated as an act of domestic terrorism, but has not yet been fully classified as terrorism. The regional FBI officials stated that no connections of shooter have been found with ISIS or any other international terrorist groups.

Families and friends of the victims mourned their death. The mourners left flags to show their support and makeshift memorial was filled with American flags, red, white and blue balloons. The poster with pictures of the victims and a large black writing stated: “OUR HEROES.” The revealed names of the victims-

  • Carson A. Holmquist – 25, ranked as Sergeant from Grantsburg, Wisconsin.
  • Randall Smith- 26, ranked as Logistics Specialist Second Class from Paulding, Ohio.
  • Thomas J. Sullivan- 40, ranked as Gunnery Sergeant from Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Squire K. “Skip” Wells- 21, ranked as Lance Corporal from Marietta, Georgia.
  • David A. Wyatt- 37, ranked as a Staff Sergeant from Russellville, Arkansas.

Two other people were wounded- Unrevealed Marine recruiter and Dennis Pedigo, Jr., a police sergeant.

How Gun Dealer Reacted To Chattanooga Shooting?

Florida’s gun shop owner, Andy Hallinan has announced his shop as a Muslim free zone. He has banned Muslim customers and stated a shop’s new policy against the Confederate flag backdrop.

Andy Hallinan released a video stating, “I have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the safety of all patriots in my community, and so effective immediately, I’m declaring Florida Gun Supply as a Muslim-free zone. I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots.”

Hallinan further said in his gun shop video that shooting is a reminder that America is in battle. He said,”We are in battle, patriots, but not only with Islamic extremism. We’re also in a battle against extreme political correctness that threatens our lives, because if we can’t call evil, evil for fear of offending people, then we can’t really defeat out enemies”

Hallinan also declared that Florida Gun Supply will offer free training in how to carry arms and opened the shooting range for practice to the public. He believes he needs to protect his fellow citizens and trained them to carry arms daily.

The officials declared that military is concerned about domestic violent extremists where an additional attack is possible anytime. The securities has been increased post Chattanooga shooting.

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