We Love Guns But We Do Need Realistic Gun Control

The latest round of mass shootings is raising that argument about gun control and here at GCMA, we report on the latest Gun Control News but with a balanced perspective.

It does seem that so many can legally purchase guns without anyone knowing their state of mind and with that thought, how do we move forward in controlling guns without losing any of our Second Amendment Rights.

Known Celebrities are calling out for some control and recently Katy Perry asks America to start taking gun control seriously;

Louisiana Theater Shooting: Sam Smith Weighs In

Perry posted to Twitter on Friday, asking if we all have to lose someone close to us die to start taking the issue of gun control in America seriously.

via Katy Perry Asks America to Start Taking Gun Control Seriously

We love guns and it would certainly seem better to gain a balance rather than to lose rights because of knee jerk reactions. Now its GCMA readers time to tell us how you would deal with this. No one wants innocent people shot and killed because of negligence.

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