Holistic Doctors Strange Untimely Deaths

It is such a terrible thing to consider that Doctors who embrace the alternative health lifestyle are dying under strange circumstances. There have been many Holistic Doctors Found Dead and all under strange circumstances. 

This has got conspiracy theorists claiming that holistic doctors are being deliberately killed. Conspiracies are often blown out of proportion but in this case it does seem strange by the way these Doctors have been dying or disappearing. 

31 year old holistic MD Jamie Zimmerman was found dead in Hawaii. What is being called a “freak accident” has some shaking their heads due to the growing list of holistic physicians dying in odd accidents. Many believe the Pharmaceutical mafia has had just about enough of holistic practitioners cutting into their big profits.

It is said that she slipped on some rocks in Hawaii.

via Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead in Hawaii

Heads are shaking and questions are yet again being asked. Is this at the hands of something nefarious or was it just an accidental passing of another revered holistic Doctor.

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