Ten Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer is by all means a highly serious matter. There are those who believe in chemotherapy while others don’t like to waste time in such treatments owing to the lack of faith in them. Nature has always been the best alternative to science. If you manage to treat yourself naturally in the early stages; you will have the chance of living a long and happy life without the dreadfulness of cancer. On the other hand by using the natural cures, you are likely to prevent cancer from happening. Top ten natural cancer treatments include the following:

natural cancer treatment

  1. Gerson Therapy and Juicing

This natural treatment for cancer is based on the following essentials:

  • Organic foods
  • Coffee enemas
  • Raw juices
  • Beef liver
  • Natural supplements

This therapy is basically based on revitalizing the human body’s natural healing abilities. There are absolutely no damaging side effects associated with this therapy. The human immune system is boosted up with energy to fight against cancer along with degenerative diseases like heart disease and arthritis. The therapy has different elements for various purposes. For instance; coffee enemas are meant for detoxification. Your body is kept stress free and detoxified from all kinds of toxins. Following are some of the natural supplements included in this remedy:

  • Lugol’s solution
  • Pancreatic enzymes
  • Potassium compound
  • Thyroid hormone
  • Vitamin B-12
  1. The Budwig Protocol

Replacement of your fatal processed oils and fats with natural fatty acids leads to the rejuvenation of your cells. According to Doctor Budwig’s research; consumption of a mixture of flaxseeds, cottage cheese and flaxseed oil provides the best results of rebuilding and rejuvenation of the human body cells.

Cottage cheese is highly rick in saturated fats and sulfur protein whereas the flax is filled with electrons. The amazing combination of these elements leads to easy assimilation and absorption of the aforementioned vitals by the human body.

  1. Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

Pancreatic proteolytic enzymes are the true representation of the human body’s primary defense against the deadly disease of cancer. A therapy of such is high on protein and bases itself on consumption of a holistic diet for the creation of a sound internal environment. This is the perfect environment to trigger the self healing process of human body.

  1. Vitamin C Chelation

Chelation therapy is based on usage of natural compounds and chemicals for the elimination of poisonous metals from the human body. The therapy is known for having anti-oxidating effects for very long periods of time. The patients can consume edibles with high levels of Vitamin C along with this therapy in order to fight cancer or prevent it altogether.

  1. Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy

Doctor Budwig has recommended usage of Essential oil therapy to fight against cancerous tumors. This therapy is known for its effectiveness in eliminating cancer. The treatment has been proved effective in the following kinds of clinical treatments:

  • Brain cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Stomach cancer

The oil basically helps in regulation of cellular epigenetic functions which in turn causes the genes to trigger self-healing processes.

  1. Probiotic Foods and Supplements

Porbiotics are microorganisms known for promoting a highly natural balance in the intestinal microflora. These enhance your digestive functions along with the absorptions of miners. A leaky gut can be healed with their consumption. All of these processes ultimately help in preventing cancer. You can consume priobiotic foods like cheese and kefir for this.

  1. Sunshine and Vitamin D3

You can keep your body healthy and free of cancer as long as you have the support of fat soluble vitamins and minerals in it. Vitamin D3 has been suggested as a huge help owing to recent research studies. The biggest source of this vitamin is natural sunlight whereas you have the option of taking supplements as well.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is amazing is stopping cancer in the tracks and its effectiveness is particularly high for treatments of breast cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer.

  1. Oxygen Therapy

The major cause of cancer is regarded as the deficiency of oxygen. This leads to creation of an acidic environment in the body. Cancer cells are anaerobic in nature. This clearly means that cancer cells cannot survive in an environment with high levels of oxygen. The oxygen therapy is based on this very same principle.

  1. Prayer and Peace

Prayer brings in faith and that basically reduces stress. Prayer has the ability to trigger healing processes owing to the immense power of your brain. Mental peace and a focuses living are two essentials of preventing cancer. Keep your stress to the minimum.

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Jock Brocas


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