It\’s Time for a Menstrual Revolution!

menstrual RevolutionUtrecht, Netherlands, 2016 – A new book is in the works that aims to change the way we think about menstruation. Menstrual Revolution seeks to raise awareness of issues surrounding period blood, the menstrual cycle, and making mindful choices about birth control and menstrual management. It will act as a catalyst for body positivity, healthy options for both our bodies and the planet, and general menstrual bad-assery!

Even in today\’s well-informed society, we currently suffer from a lack of information about birth control, the menstrual cycle, and menstrual products. This has led to unnecessary fear and uncertainty. Author Iris Verstappen seeks to bring an end to this deficit. She is a cycle awareness educator, anthropologist, doula, and writer, which has equipped her with experience of speaking to others about their menstrual cycles, and will also be carrying out research and interviewing experts in the field in order to provide the most comprehensive book on menstruation yet.

Verstappen is currently attempting to finance Menstrual Revolution via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Her aim is to raise EUR20,000 ($22,320) towards travel expenses, photography, illustrations, translations, cover design, printing, and publishing costs. In an era of body-shaming, cycle suppressing, and medicalizing menstruation, it\’s time for a positive, open, encouraging dialogue. This book is set to provide that dialogue, and could be just what the world needs.


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