Is there any difference between Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebo Effect?

There is no difference between Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebo Effect. There you have it in a simple, clear and blunt sentence so we can move ahead and explain why these natural healing phenomena are one and the same thing. It all starts with a person’s ability to believe and hope that the medicine they are being given is going to cure them.

Spiritual Healing, Self-Healing, and Placebos are all related to Your Mind

Spiritual healing and self-healing are self-explanatory and though placebo today is a household name, to those who don’t know what it is: Placebo is fake medicine or procedure (surgery etc) which is given to the patients instead of a real one.

The bottom-line is that they all work, astonishingly, they do and doctors can’t really tell why, but the good thing is more and more doctors are employing placebos in their prescriptions. In random experiments, people have recovered from arthritis, cancers and even broken backbones among countless other examples.

Likewise spiritual healing is when people go to a church, a mosque or other religious places or people to seek the cure of their diseases. According to a groundbreaking documentary, “Water: The Great Mystery,” water in the holy places have been observed to have a positive healing effect on patients. The documentary also pointed out that even pure bottled water can be poisoning.

Summarizing everything explained in the documentary, your thoughts ultimately affect your body through various elements, including water. Moreover, brainwaves go even beyond reaches of your body and can water in a nearby place. When people go to holy places, they do so with positive thoughts, with fear of God in their hearts and hope for forgiveness and blessing. The healing properties of the water in churches comes from the combined power of all those positive thoughts.

A Person cannot Heal without the Will to Cure Himself

If you have any kind of medical problem, even minor flu, then your rate of recovery depends on how well do you take care of yourself. This is a valid generalization of all treatments, even those in which real medication is involved, because if you won’t take medication, you won’t recover fast enough. Likewise, the natural healing process of the body is indirectly affected by your mental health and projection of thoughts.

People with depression are more likely to contract heart diseases, diabetes, and other physiological disorders. These findings are supported by the fact that most of the hormones that regulate your body come from your brain, more specifically amygdala, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which is known as master gland of your body. So for spiritual healing, self-healing or placebos to work, you need a calm and focused mind. The secret of natural healing system is hidden in your willingness to get healed.

Take anything trying to explain brain functions and you will realize that complex pathways of human neural networks are still an enigma for scientists. Studies have given us only a vague understanding of how the brain really works and since the entire brain is ‘inter-connected,’ and it will take years for scientists to give us a quantitative explanation of emotions, beliefs and their effects on our body.


So the only difference between spiritual healing, self-healing and placebos are type of people who invented these words. Spiritual healing is used more often by religious people, self-healing by atheists and medical science employs the word placebos. They are all different names of natural healing with an added power of faith or will.

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