Mike Adams Breakthrough Interview On lifesaving Foods and Natural Medicine

Mike Adams – The health ranger, was recently Interviewed by his long time hero of the natuaral health world, “Dr. Michael T. Murray, who is also the author of The Encyclopedia of natural medicine. Mikes Interview is awesome and he allows you to listen to it free. The interview talks about all avenues of natural health and healing, but the most interesting aspect is by far the discussion on spontaneous healings.

Mike and Dr Murray take to task the big pharma based medical companies and systems that actually cause more disease than cure them and when you think about that and even look at the records, it is evidently clear this is the case. Consequently, the costs of these medical compaines make the treatment out of the reach of the most of the world population. Considering mother nature is abundant, there is no right for pharma companies to claim what os divinely given as a right to hold the world hostage. It is everyone’s god given right to good health and healing freely given from the mother herself. The interviews will most certainly keep you all hooked and another benefit you will find is that each subject matter is a learning curve from both of them. You also have an opportunity to register for the Natural Medicine Summit and learn from the good Dr and of course Micheal.

Micheal himself needs no introduction as he is the original founder of Natural News, an online news source that we also love and look toward.

Here is the full article for you to read and listen to his interview for free.



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