7 Amazing Health Benefits of Regular Walking

Do you hate exercise? That’s alright because walking isn’t really an exercise; you move about and that’s it. So adapting it as a habit shouldn’t cost you any extra efforts like the detestation you feel going to the gym. Treasures of walking are numerous so let’s have a look at some of the health benefits that come to you without any sweat.

1. Walking makes your heart stronger

7 amazing benefits of walking 3

Regular walking is a great cardiovascular exercise, it not only reduces the risk of heart stroke but also makes your heart more vibrant. It lowers disastrous LDH cholesterol in your blood and replaces with healthy HDL cholesterol. According to the Stroke Association, a 30-minute walk on the daily basis helps to prevent strokes by blood pressure by 27%.

2. Walking Helps Maintain your Blood Pressure

7 amazing benefits of walking 44

When you are sitting or sleeping, your muscles are relaxed and the pressure of pumping blood is completely burdened on your heart. On the other hand, if you are walking, your muscles actively contribute towards blood circulation. The calves’ muscles are known as secondary heart because their flexion during walking or running is much similar to the pumping action of the heart.

3. Walking improves your Immunity

7 amazing benefits of walking 4

Walking reduces the risk of many diseases. For example, daily walking lowers the chances of type 2 diabetes by 60% and cancer of the colon, breast or womb by 20%. Diseases that arise from improper blood circulation are also completely nullified.

4. Walking helps lose weight

7 amazing benefits of walking 5

Research says that walking at only 2 miles per hour (which normally how fast an average person walks) for 30 minutes exhausts 75 calories. Likewise, if you could increase your speed, you would burn more calories. So if you are facing obesity and want an easy solution, how hard can it be, just dedicating half hour (2% of your day) could earn you some awesome result.

5. Walking Boosts your Brain

7 amazing benefits of walking 6

Healthy body, healthy mind. You have heard that before, but did you know that walking also improves your brains and helps prevents dementia? While walking habits older people have been linked to reduced chances of dementia, walking also kills the odds brain shrinkage, which is an age factor. Dementia usually set in 21.5% people above the age of 65. So if you are looking at a long and healthy life, you better start moving now.

6. Walking Tones up your Lower Body

7 amazing benefits of walking 7

Walking is a light muscular activity (we are trying to avoid the word exercise) but not without its visible impact when it comes to shaping up your muscles of your lower body. It tones up your calves, thighs, and makes your butt rounder. A regular walk can do that, but spicing it up with a little hill climb adventure is even better. There’s more, regular walk also molds your waist and abs.

7. Walking Makes you more Active

7 amazing benefits of walking 2


If you are a scientist or a thinker who have always a lot of thinking to do, then you should definitely include a daily hour walk in your schedule. That’s because walking breaks down excessive fats in your body into ready energy currency, which then travels to your brains and gives your cognitive power more fuel to go on with. The best thing about walking is that it drives your focus towards any direction. If you are too much absorbed in your thoughts, it will serve as a distraction and if you cannot concentrate on your ideas and projects then walk when you think.


These 7 amazing health benefits come to you only if you walk, imagine the what would happen if you started running, but let’s start with walking for now.

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Waqas Malik

Waqas Malik is an active technology journalist, blogger and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening, delivering the latest news as it breaks.


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