Bromelain Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Just like pineapple juice tenderizes meat, the active pineapple enzyme, bromelain, helps digest food when used as a dietary supplement. This globular protease enzyme separates combined amino acids in complex proteins, making them simpler to use in the body.  Also, bromelain softens the stomach lining to allow greater flow of digestive juices.  Digestion improvement is perhaps the most well-known use of bromelain, but there are other benefits of bromelain.  If you are unfamiliar with things bromelain can help with, look at this quick list to get a better idea.


By loosening connections between adjacent layers, bromelain helps with the removal of unwanted, excess and dead tissues.  Also, it primes the remaining area to allow more efficient new growth.  Often, bromelain is used in the treatment of severe burn victims to help with sloughing and wound recovery.  The enzyme can also be applied directly to the skin in solution to treat acne, rosacea and other skin conditions.

Pain Relief

Tenderizing action provided by bromelain creates an anti-inflammatory process.   Joints, tendons, muscles and other body tissues become softened.  Since they are softer and desensitized, they will be less irritated by touch, so pains that typically arise from rubbing, grinding or stretching will be reduced.

Decongesting Sinuses

Sinus pressure builds up due to constricted vessels that prevent the excretion of fluids.  When the tissues within the sinuses are softened by bromelain, lower pressure in the sinus cavities is created by open pathways that release sinus fluids.  A sinus headache could be relieved in this way.

Cancer Prevention

Cancer develops from genetic mutations during cell division processes.  Unhealthy and ill-prepared areas of emerging tissues will increase the probability of cancer development. Since bromelain primes tissues, new growth is able to develop more efficiently and at an improved quality from normal conditions.  Enhanced growth is less susceptible to forming cancer.  Also, bromelain can help break down existing cancer deposits to help prevent further cancer spread in small amounts.  In combination with intense medical treatments, bromelain can help manage cancer and improve the recovery process.

Workout Recovery

Usually, after a workout, lactic acid will begin rushing into the stressed areas, and it will just sit there until worked out through physical activity or massaging.  With bromelain, opened vessels from the tenderizing actions let fluids flow throughout the entire body, so after a workout, lactic acids are not allowed to build up in pockets.  Instead, the fluids will slowly seep through the new wide open pores.  The reduced build up of restrictive fluids allows the body to heal quicker and be less sore after intense routines.


Bromelain will allow water to escape from tight places.  This is the diuretic property of bromelain.  Fluids will eventually escape from the body in the form of urine, so there will be more frequent trips to the restroom.

Blood Clots

Even though bromelain is not normally a natural Fibrinolytic it does have anti-blood clotting properties and almost mimics that of nattokinase. In fact, a woman who was told she had to have open heart surgery opted to take bromelain for six weeks before she would agree to be opened up. When she went back to the doctor, amazingly there was no sign of the clot in her artery. The only thing she tool was bromelain.


Overall, bromelain is known to cause soothing and calming of the body and mentality.  In summary, it loosens, massages, and relaxes the tissues.  This can be a good supplement to use after meals, post-workout or during times of severe pain. Arthritis patients tend to benefit from bromelain greatly.  Typically, it is sold in capsule, tablet or powder form.



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