Natural Vitamin D and How To Get It

Vitamin D is perhaps one of the most important vitamins for the body and is essential for healthy cell growth, Joint regeneration, muscle function and sexual health. In fact, without vitamin d you can be guaranteed that you will run into some serious problems. It has even been suggested that Vitamin D could even be one of the important vitamins in the fight against many cancers. 

Being deficient in vitamin d can lead to issues such as depression, obesity, weak bones and so much more. In recent years there has been a tremendous upsurge in the interest of vitamin d benefits and how to harness this amazing natural vitamin. Here are some Vital Facts from Cure Joy about Vitamin D.

5 Vital Facts About Vitamin D

Vitamin D Source

Vitamin D deficiency may affect or create the conditions for impaired sleep, weight gain, increased appetite, acid reflux, gallstones, bloating, constipation, osteoporosis, anemia, autoimmune disease, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and more.


RDA For Vitamin D Is Grossly Inadequate

A huge and growing amount of research has now shown that vitamin D deficiency is very common (at least 50% of the general population and 80% in infants), and plays a major role in the development in many of the chronic degenerative diseases. In fact, vitamin D deficiency may be the most common medical condition in the world, and vitamin D supplementation may be the most cost effective strategy in improving health, reducing disease, and living longer.


Deficiency Of Vitamin D

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?


Vitamin D deficiency is very common. It is very vital since it ensures that our heart, muscles, brain and lungs function well. Our body can make its own vitamin D from sunlight. You can also get this vitamin from supplements, and a very small amount comes from a few foods you eat, such as some fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks and in fortified dairy, cereals and grain products. Let’s have a look at the common causes for deficiency in Vitamin D.

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency The Cause Of Back And Joint Pain?


Vitamin deficiency triggers a cascade of health problems. Vitamin D deficiency in particular causes headache, back pain and joint pain. Researchers have found an association between extremely low vitamin D levels and chronic, general pain that doesn’t respond to treatment.

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency Causing Acne Problems?


Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium from the gut and due to the extreme acidity of our diets in this nation, we’ve already got too little calcium in our bones but too much in the rest of our tissues — therefore the body regulates the production of Vitamin D to compensate.

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Can Vitamin D Improve Male Sexual Performance?


New data from the University of Milan indicates that low levels of vitamin D can be a significant factor in leading to Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED. It is the inability to attain or maintain erection of the penis sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse.

It’s all very well and good knowing about deficiencies but where does it come from

Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin D does not come from the sun, rather, the sun is the catalyst which allows the body to make Vitamin D. The sun’s rays are the fuel behind the manufacture of vitamin d. However, there are many countries where there is little sun during the day and so Vitamin d can be found in many other areas.

D Food is Sea Food

One of the other super-foods for Vitamin D is of course the humble fish and other seafood. There is an abundance of Vitamin D in seafood. There is actually very little foods that have vitamin D, and some are artificially fortified such as Milk and Cheese and some fruit Juices. The table below will show you which food sources are rich in this wonderful life giving and life saving vitamin.

Vitamin d Sources wiscMM

Here Is some Easy Ways To Get Your Vitamin D

Walk In The Sunshine

According to a Dr Stephen Honig MD Of the Osteoporosis Center for joint diseases in New York who says “If you’re going to get it from the sun, about 20 to 25 minutes of exposure is helpful,” 

This would suggest that perhaps going for a walk in the sunshine for around 25 mins would be beneficial to you developing more natural vitamin D in your body.

Eat More Salmon

As we can see from the information above, salmon is a wonderful abundant and natural source of vitamin D and therefore, getting salmon into your diet is one step forward in positively getting your dose of vitamin D should it be needed.

Snack On Yoghurt

If you love Yoghurt, then you are on to a winner as this can definitely get you the Vitamin D that you need. The best time to have this is first thing in the morning as a breakfast or part of a balenced breakfast, and even better if you can have that as kefir milk, which is almost like a yoghurt but a great source of vitamin D and Pro-Biotic.

Egg Yolk Snack

A great favorite and one many people prefer is to have the yolk of an egg – especially if it is hard boiled as this not only has Vitamin D, but is a great source of Vitamin B too. Snaking on the egg – even with the white is another good way of getting that recommended daily allowance and if hard boiled, you can actually make these in advance and develop lots of different ways to eat as a snack.


The tother way of increasing your Vitamin , though perhaps not natural is to begin taking vitamin supplements. However, one thing to note is that not all supplements are the same. Personally a good quality cod lover oil will do more benefit than manufactured vitamin d and contains much more benefit within its make up.


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