3 Reasons Why People Don’t Heal


It is God’s will for you to be healthy and whole. It is nature’s design for you to blossom, adapt to your environment and evolve. You were originally designed to thrive in a healthy body through the different ages and stages of growth and maturity, in perfect harmony with the spiritual law that governs the current timeline of life experience and expansion of the human soul. However, we as human souls, often unwittingly interfere in our ability to do so. Here are three reasons, of which there are many more than listed here, why many people fail to thrive and heal. These reasons are listed in no particular order of importance.


Reason One: We Don’t Know How to Heal

This is probably the simplest of reasons, as if we do not know how to go about our healing, then this in itself creates a block or delay in our body and psyche’s return to harmony. Some people will automatically assume that their health issues are only of a physical nature and will seek medical help for such a cure. This help does enable their symptoms to ease a little, but the main element of the complaint sill persists. By not knowing that the root cause of their issue can also be a spiritual, emotional or psychological one; then they miss the opportunity to completely heal. It is through self-contemplation and examination, that one is able to dig deep enough to locate the area of disharmony existing somewhere within their psyche so that they can help to resolve it. This resolution will free the initial disturbance so that the body’s natural immune response to overcome any threat is activated and healing is the result. There are many wonderful therapists and healers who can help to lovingly guide a person in their own revelation of the underlying complaint so that they can take the appropriate action towards self-healing.


Reason Two: An Unforgiving Nature Interrupts our Healing

This reason is extremely significant as it has a direct impact on a person’s health, well-being and overall success and happiness in life. If a person continuously holds a consciousness of unforgiveness in their heart and soul, then they also unwittingly begin to repel the natural healing forces within their own body from moving back into harmony. They also unnecessarily block/limit the cosmic healing forces form a higher spiritual power because of their judgements, criticisms and their aura of righteousness. This mindset and heart-set, causes severe hindrance to health and happiness. Forgiving someone is therefore for a person’s OWN benefit, and will free them from their own imprisonment and torment of re-living their old painful memories. Knowing that every misuse of energy that another soul partakes in will always need to be accounted for and will need to be re-balanced, will help to soften your judgement that the person needs to be punished, or that they have gotten off the hook, so to speak.

God forgives us of all our mistakes and errors in consciousness and in doing so, this divine example is set, so that we too are able to forgive as best we can. “On earth as it is in Heaven.” We may not be ready to forgive, desire to forgive, or even hope to forgive because of the awful trauma that we have experienced by the hands of another or by some other experience. However, this being so, we can at any time request divine support in our act of forgiveness when it is just too difficult for us to do so alone. Through asking the Christ Light Consciousness, which will immediately assist us if we make the first move and ASK for help, then we will always be assisted. The divine light power of the Christ Consciousness will provide us with the perfect strength and support in doing so. People’s longstanding health complaints have suddenly healed once they have been able to let go of all the toxic thoughts and emotions they previously held onto in the act of un-forgiveness. People have also moved on to discover a greater level of joy and fulfillment in their life that they had yet to experience due to their prior unforgiving nature. This kind of health and happiness is the true outcome of a heart of peace and light.


Reason Three: Our Free Will (Cause & Effect)

We have been given the creative free will power to be the master of our own life experience and this includes us having the responsibility to look after the health and well-being of our physical body. Do we do this wisely? If not, something is eventually going to give. Common sense examples of this kind of cause and effect response can be found in our everyday actions and habits. If someone continuously smokes, knowing that this can damage their lungs, and lead to the risk of cancer, then the person’s free will is responsible. The same goes for any other kind of imbalance in anything that we know is detrimental to our state of health. We all need to balance our time wisely, hydrate our bodies with water, get plenty of rest, eat healthy and move our bodies daily. We have to carefully nurture our bodies needs and by failing to do so, we will become fatigued and run down. Not looking after our physical needs can often lead to emotional and psychological health issues, as well as bodily aches and pains. When our immune systems are compromised, then we are in greater risk of overcoming any health issue or complaint we may have. Our free will can also prevent us from taking the correct medical steps to help us in the case of injury and disease. If for whatever reason we ignore our bodies messages, pain, and intuitive guidance to get a medical check-up, or to seek some kind of healing help, then we through our own choices interfere with our healing.




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