We’re Lifting The Lid On Essential Oils

Coming Soon – The Essential Oils Expose

This is a lead-in to a series of articles that will be forthcoming regarding the essential oils industry and the products. However, this is a series with a difference because we are going to do things differently. You, the readers will be the ones guiding this. There are so many people that want to know the ins and the outs and the pro’s and the con’s of essential oils and with the plethora of information out there, its a minefield.

I am fairly new to the essential oils world, but got hooked after a gift I received when i was working and visiting in North Carolina. It was not long before I became hooked, though I never really understood it, and for me, it was a nice smell and had calming influence with my meditations. It wasn’t until I was feeling rather stuffy and down because of my environment living in Florida, which I am sure most readers will know the humidity is unbearable, and if like me, you never had allergies before, you will develop them when you live here. I have lost the count of so many people who have come to live in Florida and complained of the allergies they never had but are now plagued. Not to mention the issues of molds and other problems. Yes, it is a beautiful area and for a holiday, it is fine, but living here is another issue.

Nevertheless, I decided that I would try and see if I could make a difference in the home with these essential oils. I had a diffuser, but I needed more and that was the beginning of the minefield. How do you choose, which is better and what brand really makes a difference? Then, what essential oils are good and how do you choose? I found out, this industry was very diverse and not all essential oils are the same and the same with the companies and diffusers.

Therefore, what is better than journalling that journey as I research and write several expose’s on the essential oil companies, practices, and brands. I am not affiliated with any company and this will be the jumping on point as we search the products and the oils and the essential oil companies together.

So where do you come in? Easy, If you are interested in essential oils, have been using them, have real stories or experiences – good or bad, we want to hear from you. Email us, or leave comments, tell us your tips, your experiences or ask questions. Together, we will walk this journey and finally find out the best of the best within the essential oils industry and best diffusers for essential oils and the top rated essential oils brands.

At the end of the expose and all the articles, I will be awarding the most involved person in the journey some very special gifts.

Author information

Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas


Jock Brocas is a renowned Author, News Editor and Spiritual Teacher. With works in many languages worldwide. He is also a regular writer in national news networks, in magazines. He has a passion for photography and knowledge.


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