‘Save The Earth Supports Healthy, Eco-Friendly Food

Debates about environmentalism are frequently presented in terms of what the government could be doing to minimize damage and help save the earth. Whilst it’s true that our leaders should be doing more to curb the devastating effects of industrialization and big business upon the natural world, it’s also the responsibility of the community as a whole to protect the planet. There are plenty of environmentally friendly open-source business models available to those with the time, resources, and inclination. A new cooperative movement has now launched with the intention of creating a platform and mechanisms for action on a local level. It is also aimed at supporting businesses with a focus on producing healthy, natural foods.

Save The Earth Is Environmentally Friendly

The People’s Co-operative (also known as Save The Earth) has launched with a single vision and goal in mind; to help preserve the earth through the creation and support of enterprise and initiatives that not only reward communities globally but is also inherently ethical, sustainable and ecologically friendly. It can’t solve the world’s problems overnight, but it can help people to try and make a change. The Brainchild of Emlyn Mousley, the initiative is designed to financially support through ethical investment, a range of sustainable business models which will ultimately benefit communities – putting people before profit and choosing a kinder, less harmful and more eco-friendly way forward. Businesses such as permaculture, food forests, organic breweries, green schools, ‘pay as you feel’ cafes and artisan products are just a small example of the projects ‘Save The Earth‘ are looking to support. As well as being eco-friendly, many of these businesses produce natural food that isn’t crammed with preservatives and colorings.

Emlyn Mousley commented: “Save the Earth Co-Operative is all about supporting the earth’s caretakers in setting up local craft shops, real ale organic breweries, patchwork farms, organic bakeries, help the homeless initiatives, eco-villages, aquaponics systems, planting herb gardens in derelict plots of land – the list is endless! If there’s a better way of doing things that benefits both people and the planet, Save The Earth wants to help turn it from an idea into a reality.”

Save the Earth is currently seeking to raise £4,500 via the crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder to seed initial support for key ethical and green initiatives both in the UK and abroad. Crowdfunder works along the same lines as similar platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, relying on pledges from interested parties to help fund the project. The co-operative aims to provide people with a means of playing an active part in helping to minimize damage to the environment, rather than leaving the task in the hands of the apathetic powers-that-be.

It will also be hugely beneficial to anyone with an interest in healthy living. Generally, eco-friendly food tends to also be natural and healthy. This means that people can help themselves whilst also helping the environment. This is definitely a cause that we can get behind. Anything that encourages healthy eating habits is OK by us!



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