5 Top Essential Oils for Anxiety and Their Benefits

Anxiety is such a challenging battle that people face every day. Having a natural solution to deal with it is crucial. Various essential oils have become natural remedies for treating anxiety. They have been used since the ancient days by different cultures. They were advanced by Jean Valnet a French surgeon who discovered that they would help to treat World War 2 soldiers when medication went scarce. The best thing with these oils is that they are natural. They are extracted from roots, barks, flowers and leaves of plants. It is advisable to use the pure essential oils meaning those that have not been mixed with additives and chemicals. Pure essential oils provide a much-needed healing and relief for different ailments and this includes been a natural remedy for anxiety. The following are the 5 top essential oils for anxiety.

  1. Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia

This is considered as the most popular essential oil. They have a lot of benefits which include relaxing and calming effects. It is considered as the restorative of the nervous system. It assists with a nervous stomach, panic attacks, irritability, restlessness, sleep, inner peace and nervous tension. Some clinical trials have also shown that inhaling this essential oil help to reduce anxiety and stress. Taking the lavender oil orally via capsules increase the heart rate variation considerably. The oils have some toxic effects. They also have the ability to reduce anxiety to patients visiting the dentists and those with coronary artery bypass surgery.

  1. Rose: Rosa damascena

Some of the Rosa damascena benefits include settling the emotions of the heart, helping in shock, grieving and panic attacks and also relieving depression and anxiety. Research has shown that footbath and aromatherapy reduce anxiety in the active phase of nulliparous women.

  1. Vetiver: Vetiveria zizanioides

Vetiver essential oil has a grounding, tranquil and reassuring energy. It is mostly used in trauma for stabilization, calmness, and self-awareness. It decreases hypersensitivity and jitteriness and also helpful in shock and panic attacks. A research conducted earlier on the anxiety-like behavior for rats have shown that this essential oil can help to lower anxiety effects.

  1. Ylang Ylang: Cananga odorata

This common essential oil has uplifting and calm effects and this makes it able to treat depression and anxiety. It helps in optimism, courage, cheerfulness and also soothes fearfulness. It calms nervous palpitations and heart agitations. It also has a strong sedative that assists in insomnia.

A study done by Geochang College in Korea shows that the essential oil reduces the blood pressure of hypertension patients, serum cortisol levels and psychological stress responses. You are advised to take care when using the ylang ylang essential oil for it can be irritating or sensitizing on the skin. People with low blood pressure should avoid its usage.

  1. Bargamot: Citrus bergamia

It is mainly found in Earl Grey tea. It has a unique floral aroma and taste. It has a calming effect and used in the treatment of depression by providing energy. It also helps in insomnia cases by reducing agitations and inducing relaxation. Research has proved it to reduce blood pressure in a natural way. The Bergamot essential oil is generally safe. It is, however, photosensitizing and thus it can increase the risk of having rash and sunburn. One is advised not to use it within 12 hours after sun exposure.

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