Amazing Benefits Of Organic Foods


Organic foods have always been the best option for most people. While some people understand the benefits of organic foods, some are just swayed by public opinion but do not really understand the benefits of these types of food. Surprisingly, there is very little research that substantiates the benefits of organic foods. Why? Because most of the research is funded by governments and private entities that seek to promote their products and brands and not necessarily because they are factual. We highlight some of the benefits of organic foods that have been proven.

We highlight some of the benefits of organic foods that have been proven.

  1. Antioxidant capacity

While antioxidants are not just limited to organic foods, a number of research studies have shown that antioxidants tend to be more impactful when they are derived from organic foods than when they are gotten from any other non-organic food. One explanation to this may be because there are very few foreign components that are found in organic foods as opposed to the ones found in non-organic foods. For this reason, scientific research has shown that consuming organic foods leads to continuous intake of nutritional antioxidants that protects one from ingesting toxins.


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2. Pesticide reduction

Another argument fronted by lovers of organic foods is the presence of pesticides. Non-organic foods grow under strenuous condition sometimes and this necessitates the need to use pesticides. This is because the foods are sometimes attacked by pests and this may require use of pesticides to get rid of the pests. When these foods are harvested and consumed by humans, there will be traces of the chemicals found in the pesticides. When these foods are consumed, the chemicals usually find their way into humans and this may lead to conditions that include autism and ADHD. Organic foods are free from this type of harmful chemicals and this is why most people would go for organic foods.

  1. Heart health

Organic foods are also directly associated with the health of the heart. Animals that have been fed continuously on grass and allowed to graze freely usually contain proteins that are good for the heart. They contain increased quantities of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). These are healthy fatty acids that are known to improve the cardiovascular protection and are found in plenty in breast milk and other meat products.

benefits of organic food

Organic Foods Are High In Vibration

One of the major benefits of organic food is the high vibrational aspect to the food. As everything is energy, so it stands to reason that high vibrational energy is better for you in terms of vitality and healing and is not tainted with the negative aspects of other types of non-vibrational foods.

3. Boost immunity

The increased level of hunger in the world has necessitated the creation of genetically modified foods that usually come in large quantities. However, very little information is available about the side effects of consuming genetically modified foods. Research has shown that some of these chemicals found in modified foods are risky health hazards that may lead to some serious side effects in the long run. Some research has shown that there are types of cancers that are as a result of this modification. Organic foods are free of all these chemicals and are known to be great sources of immune system boosters.

4. Antibiotic resistance

While antibiotics are good for our health especially when we are under attack by some unknown bacteria, there is a risk of being resistant to these same antibiotics especially if we continue to consume non-organic foods. This is because non-organic foods sources including but not limited to the livestock and other feeds are usually treated with antibiotics. This exposure to additional antibiotics leads to weakening of our immune system to the point where they may not be able to defend themselves. Organic foods have no traces of antibiotics in them because they do not need antibiotics to survive. This makes organic foods healthier and safer than non-organic foods.

There are several benefits that are attributed to organic foods even though there has been very little research as far as this field is concerned.



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