The Real Benefits Of Life Coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching

As young children we learn and develop as human beings through interacting with the adults we encounter in our daily lives whether within our own families or the wider community. This shapes our personalities and beliefs both about ourselves, other people and the wider world. I often think there is great emphasis on being strong, confident and independent. As we move into adulthood the issue of strength and independence becomes even more pronounced and we are often left with the feeling that to seek help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recognizing you want to make a change in your life shows great courage and is the start of an inspirational, transformational journey.

I find that many people are really not sure what a Life Coach could do for them. A common phrase I hear is Why would I need one? Well maybe if you can identify with any of the bullet points below and see things about yourself that you’d like to change and improve on within your own life then you might just be ready for Life Coaching

  • Eliminating Negative Thinking Sometimes even the best of us get ourselves into the downward spiral of feeling nothing is going right with our lives. A life coach can work with you to switch that mindset. Supporting you to be more positive in your thinking and outlook has amazing results in transforming your life
  • Empowering You With your life coach you gain a greater sense of direction and purpose in moving forward with your life
  • Enhancing your Coping Skills when life hands you curve balls you are more able to cope
  • Enabling You to Experience More Balance in Your Life You learn to smile more stress less leading to better physical and mental health
  • Enriching and extending your communication skills Experience more harmony in your life. Good communication skills are the key to successful personal and professional relationships

One of the major benefits in working with a Life Coach is gaining much-needed clarity. With clarity, you are at last free of that feeling of I’m not sure where I’m going, what I’m supposed to be doing or even what I really want from my life. Gaining clarity around your wants, needs, dreams, ambitions, can be incredibly inspirational. Your personal Life Coach is there for you during your successes and the tough times. Sure you may have friends that can be there for you in tough times but that’s not quite the same as having your own personal life coach. A go to person who won’t judge you or tell you what you should do. A person who won’t regale you with their personal stories or with the story of someone they know who is going through exactly the same as you. It can be hugely liberating and be empowering to have a life coach who has the drive and expertise to support you to come up with solutions that you feel are workable for you. Often, well- meaning friends can dash our hopes and dreams without realizing it. It can be an enormous boost to your confidence to have that go to person whose only focus is on supporting you to be the best you can be. Working with a Life Coach I think is actually time saving. Think of the time you might have already spent dwelling on I can’t or what if? Say goodbye to procrastination as you work with your life coach to evaluate where you are now and where you’d like to be. Allow the coaching process to inspire you to ditch the doubt and pursue your dreams.

Life Coaching is hugely beneficial in helping you to set yourself, goals. Now we all think we are good at goal setting but just remember all those New Year resolutions that are affirmed on January 1st but have disappeared into the ether by January 31st. That’s where your life coach comes in. You see if you set goals and have a life coach then they will help you with accountability. It is their job to help to support you to stay on track and focused on your personal or professional goals. With accountability, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. Working with a life coach your life can suddenly start to feel more balanced. You can, at last, feel satisfied and fulfilled as you experience less stress and anxiety which inspires you to cope better with the things that everyday life can throw at you.

It is amazing watching the change in people when they work with a life coach. You can see their positive attitude manifesting not only within themselves but with other people and with their lives in general.

I welcome people getting in touch and enquiring about the Life Coaching process. It’s important that we clarify my role in the coaching process and yours. Life Coaching is a partnership. Your well- being is my concern. With that in mind, you can guarantee I will be honest and tell you if I think you may benefit more from experiencing another professional.


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