The Natural Way to Meet Weight Loss Goals

Deciding to lose weight is easy. Sticking to weight loss goals is hard. You make a plan, set a goal, and you are off. Before you know it, you realize you wanted to lose five pounds yesterday. At this point, most people either give up or turn to short cuts. These short cuts are often unhealthy, or simply dangerous. Before you go for the nearest diet pill, consider the natural option. You can lose weight without pills or unhealthy habits.

The natural way to weight loss includes exercise, proper nutrition, and weight loss goal setting. You have all the tools to be successful. You have the will. You can fit in a few minutes a day to plan a meal and exercise. The only missing piece is the knowledge to pull it off. That is why I wrote this article.

The trick is not to give up. Take a deep breath and read on to find out what the perfect meal plan should consist of. It should be easy to implement these into daily diet plans.

Eat Meat for Protein and Fat Loss

Everyone loves Meat. But you need to be picky. Your meat should come from animals that have not been exposed to growth hormones, antibiotics, or synthetic drugs of any kind. Red Meat should come from grass fed, free-range cows. This will help if you have the ultimate goal of weight loss, or just to be healthy. Meat with growth hormone or antibiotics has a plethora of problems, namely weight gain. Extra growth hormone and drugs such as clenbuterol used to plump up and keep cows healthy can not only be bad for overall health but pack on the pounds.

Along the same lines, cold-water fish such as salmon, tuna, or anchovies should be incorporated into your weight loss diet. They provide the body with generous amounts of omega-3 oils and tend to keep you satisfied longer. The high amount of healthy fat will help you stay full. Being full allows you to not make rash decisions to grab a snickers bar, which will directly benefit your weight loss goals.

Cut Out Sugar

Too much sugar is unhealthy. Every premade food has some sugar added to it for flavor. From your ice coffee to the ‘natural’ cereal you eat. That means no to reach your goals in weight loss, you must cut out the processed food.

Sugar and the simple carbohydrates create a dramatic increase in blood sugar levels in the body, which leads to the secretion of insulin the hormone responsible for sugar to be stored as fat and increased cravings for more sugar.

Instead of carbohydrates and sugars from unhealthy sources, the diet should be fortified with copious amounts of organic fruits and natural sources of sweetness such as agave nectar or honey. These will modestly raise blood glucose levels and stave off the release of too much insulin. This is one of the best tips to lose weight naturally. Switching from sugar to foods naturally sweet will help you lose weight and become healthy.

Incorporate Healthy Fats

Believe it or not, there are such things as healthy fats that the body can readily turn into viable energy. Meal plans that incorporate omega-3s (as stated above with fish), as well as olive oil and coconut oil in moderate amounts, will help you feel full longer than other food types.

All Fruits and Vegetables Should Be Organic

The word organic should pop up any time you think about fruits or vegetables. Again, natural is the way to go to reach your weight loss goals. Weight loss goal setting can be a lot more simple if you plan to include organic. Some fruit like strawberries are simply toxic when not organic. It is unhealthy to skip organic for fruits and vegetables which have skin which allows the absorption of chemicals.

Pulling the Natural Method Together

All you need to remember to reach your weight loss goals is to keep it simple, and keep it natural. Do not worry abotu how much weight you have lost, or how quickly. Just remember to stick to a plan. Set yoru goals. Eat healthy. The weight loss will come, naturally.


How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil has become popular in last few years. It comes in several varieties and is used as a primary ingredient in many products. The health benefits of cbdare abundant such as cbd oil for pain, cbd oil for cancer and even more and there are no real side effects if cbd. It also comes in various forms and types. Due to this versatility, it has become possible to use it in numerous diverse ways. If you are planning to get a particular CBD oil product, then this article can be a real help to give you basic knowledge on how to use the various types of CBD products.


The other great option is that of creams and balms that use CBD. They are considered as the most useful version of the CBD products. The CBD creams and lotions are excellent remedies against all kinds of pains especially legs and spine. It absorbs deep into the skin and helps get rid of the problem quickly. There is no doubt that they are easy to use and efficient, but they take much more time than other CBD products.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are the most recent addition to the list of the CBD products. They are becoming popular because of several reasons. They are highly recommended for those, who are using the CBD products for the first time. Their popularity is growing because of their easy adminisration.the CBD tinctures come with a dropper that is used to administer the oil. Secondly, it is praised because of its flavors that include vanilla, peppermint, and cinnamon. The tinctures can also be added with the flavors of your choice.

These are few products associated with the CBD oil. Being a user, you have complete control over your choice. You can buy any of the above mentioned according to the requirements of yourself and your family. It is important to understand that the medical implications have to be considered before actually using it because an excess of everything is bad.

The Real Benefits Of Life Coaching

Benefits of Life Coaching

As young children we learn and develop as human beings through interacting with the adults we encounter in our daily lives whether within our own families or the wider community. This shapes our personalities and beliefs both about ourselves, other people and the wider world. I often think there is great emphasis on being strong, confident and independent. As we move into adulthood the issue of strength and independence becomes even more pronounced and we are often left with the feeling that to seek help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recognizing you want to make a change in your life shows great courage and is the start of an inspirational, transformational journey.

I find that many people are really not sure what a Life Coach could do for them. A common phrase I hear is Why would I need one? Well maybe if you can identify with any of the bullet points below and see things about yourself that you’d like to change and improve on within your own life then you might just be ready for Life Coaching

  • Eliminating Negative Thinking Sometimes even the best of us get ourselves into the downward spiral of feeling nothing is going right with our lives. A life coach can work with you to switch that mindset. Supporting you to be more positive in your thinking and outlook has amazing results in transforming your life
  • Empowering You With your life coach you gain a greater sense of direction and purpose in moving forward with your life
  • Enhancing your Coping Skills when life hands you curve balls you are more able to cope
  • Enabling You to Experience More Balance in Your Life You learn to smile more stress less leading to better physical and mental health
  • Enriching and extending your communication skills Experience more harmony in your life. Good communication skills are the key to successful personal and professional relationships

One of the major benefits in working with a Life Coach is gaining much-needed clarity. With clarity, you are at last free of that feeling of I’m not sure where I’m going, what I’m supposed to be doing or even what I really want from my life. Gaining clarity around your wants, needs, dreams, ambitions, can be incredibly inspirational. Your personal Life Coach is there for you during your successes and the tough times. Sure you may have friends that can be there for you in tough times but that’s not quite the same as having your own personal life coach. A go to person who won’t judge you or tell you what you should do. A person who won’t regale you with their personal stories or with the story of someone they know who is going through exactly the same as you. It can be hugely liberating and be empowering to have a life coach who has the drive and expertise to support you to come up with solutions that you feel are workable for you. Often, well- meaning friends can dash our hopes and dreams without realizing it. It can be an enormous boost to your confidence to have that go to person whose only focus is on supporting you to be the best you can be. Working with a Life Coach I think is actually time saving. Think of the time you might have already spent dwelling on I can’t or what if? Say goodbye to procrastination as you work with your life coach to evaluate where you are now and where you’d like to be. Allow the coaching process to inspire you to ditch the doubt and pursue your dreams.

Life Coaching is hugely beneficial in helping you to set yourself, goals. Now we all think we are good at goal setting but just remember all those New Year resolutions that are affirmed on January 1st but have disappeared into the ether by January 31st. That’s where your life coach comes in. You see if you set goals and have a life coach then they will help you with accountability. It is their job to help to support you to stay on track and focused on your personal or professional goals. With accountability, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. Working with a life coach your life can suddenly start to feel more balanced. You can, at last, feel satisfied and fulfilled as you experience less stress and anxiety which inspires you to cope better with the things that everyday life can throw at you.

It is amazing watching the change in people when they work with a life coach. You can see their positive attitude manifesting not only within themselves but with other people and with their lives in general.

I welcome people getting in touch and enquiring about the Life Coaching process. It’s important that we clarify my role in the coaching process and yours. Life Coaching is a partnership. Your well- being is my concern. With that in mind, you can guarantee I will be honest and tell you if I think you may benefit more from experiencing another professional.

Fake News: Fat People are Learning Disabled

A recent study is making the rounds of media outlets, suggesting that obesity causes learning disorders and memory problems. But statistics sometimes lie.

A recent study suggests that there is a link between obesity and memory loss. In fact, it states that for 25 percent of the obese test subjects, their cognitive tests results were low enough to qualify them as learning disabled.

Here’s my problem with this study: It lists a bunch of results, without digging any deeper.

Problems with the Reporting

  • What percentage of all Americans have learning disorders?
  • How many of the people in the study have medical conditions that might cause both obesity and memory loss?
  • How old the test subjects were, since both weight gain and memory loss come with age.
  • Many of the test subjects were on the verge of a weight loss surgery, a procedure that could have killed them or caused major negative side effects, when first tested and then three months post-op when tested again. Could low test scores the first time have been caused, in some cases, by stress over the upcoming surgery? Could some of the same low-testers have tested higher after that stress was lifted?
  • How many people who already put moral judgments on fat people will read this and now feel justified in assuming that fat people are stupid?
  • How many already stigmatized fat people will read this and assume that memory or learning problems they are having are just one more way they’ve failed by being fat?

Impact of the Poor Reportingobesity

In reality, there are many reasons for memory or learning problems. There is evidence that 19 percent of all Americans suffer from them, regardless of shape or size. That leaves only a six percent differenceand some of that could be explained in a way other than blaming it on body size.

This article not only places an extra stigma on fat people, it doubly stigmatizes fat people who have learning disabilities. This is irresponsible science, as well as irresponsible journalism.

Perhaps the worst bit of journalism is that the writer suggests in the article that there are two groups: the obese and the healthy. As if it is impossible to be both fat and healthy, or conversely thin and unhealthy. This kind of thinking does not need a national platform, such as Fox News. It has a negative impact on fat and thin people and everyone in between.

The problem with articles like this is that they present statistics as fact without exploring deeply enough to give readers the information they need to come to informed conclusions.

Obese people are already subjected to discrimination and harassment in this country. Articles like this one fuel the fire unnecessarily.

Chemicals That Make You Fat: How Obesogens can Affect Weight Loss

Even when a dieter is faithfully following a weight loss program, the progress can still be slow. Most dieters know about counting calories and exercise, but not many people realize the effect of chemical compounds known as obesogens that can interrupt metabolism which affects obesity.

What Are Obesogens?

Obesogens are chemical compounds that are foreign to the human body. They’re able to upset homeostasis, which is an equilibrium bodily state where all systems of the body are properly working, as well as interacting so a person’s body has all his needs met. These chemical compounds can cause a person to have more fat cells, besides altering metabolism.

The Top Three Obesogens

According to the Revolver website, there are three main obesogens.

Bisphenol (BPA) is a chemical that’s mainly used in making plastics that have recycling codes 3 and 7, according to Being Healthy It’s also found in liners of food cans.

Organotins are biocides which are chemicals commonly used in medicines and agriculture. They’re usually found in produce that’s conventionally grown.

Phthalates, also called plasticizers, are those chemicals found in personal care products such as shampoos, lotions, and perfumes.

Ways to Avoid Obesogens

Although it’s impossible to totally eliminate obesogens, there are steps consumers can take to reduce the amount of exposure to these harmful substances. One way is to eat more organic foods that aren’t treated with pesticides. People living in small towns may find it harder to find organic foods, but they can usually find them at local farmers markets. Non-organic fruits and vegetables should be scrubbed thoroughly before consuming.

  • Buying canned foods in cans that don’t contain BPA is lowering a number of obesogens. For example, Eden and Vital Choice are two companies certifying their can liners are safe.
  • Choose only organic personal care products.
  • Avoid using plastic food containers. Rather than storing leftovers in plastic containers, use aluminum or glass containers. Foil and wax paper are also options for storing food.
  • Eliminate gelled rubber from the home. Examples are the stretchy rubber items that are bendable such as fishing worms and children’s toys that are made with phthalates.
  • Wrap meat, poultry, and fish in paper rather than plastic. When buying from a butcher, request freezing paper.
  • Don’t use plastic cups or Styrofoam. It’s better to take a personal cup or mug when traveling than use plastic or Styrofoam cups.
  • Avoid meat and poultry raised on hormones. Only eat from cows, chickens and other animals that were grass fed. Also, try to find locally grown meat and eat fish grown locally.
  • Grow your own produce.

Finally, although obesogens do affect the body and weight loss, it’s important to not become obsessed with them. In other words, use moderation and common sense, while being aware of how obesogens can affect the body and weight loss. Even though chemicals may be left in clothes that are dry cleaned, if there’s limited time to iron, don’t worry about the effect of obesogens. In other words, use balance and don’t become paranoid.

Author Bio:

Eric is the founder of Approaching Fitness, the premier fitness website based on scientific research and real-world experience. Starting as a boxer, he has over ten years of experience in the fitness and weight loss community. Having lost over one hundred pounds himself, he is distinctively qualified in weight loss advice. Connect with Eric @ApproachingFit

Frequency Medicine

Frequency Medicine- A New Way of Life

In our human bodies, we house over 70 trillion cells that are like wet cell batteries that operate at a voltage of around 70 millivolts. The cell membrane converts the earth’s magnetic pulse into electrical potential energy which charge’ your cells. This energy drives cell metabolism stimulating the mitochondria to increase oxygenation, ATP products and overall absorption of nutrition and essential elements into the cells and removal of wastes out the cell. If this doesn’t occur, the cell millivoltage weakens and illness sets in.

Now wait a minute, what are you saying? Frequency, vibrations, energy, I don’t understand. We will make it easy for you. Frequency Medicine is new or is it?

When we look at the sun, it emits 7 different wave length spectrums which produce heat and light. Our gravitational forces of the moon control the waves in the ocean. The most inert object holds a resonant frequency even though it appears that nothing is happening. As medical science has progressed. It now uses energy and frequency for diagnostic testing and treatment such as Magnetic Resonant Imaging, CAT scan, Pet Scans, Ultra Sound using variations in electrical frequencies and resonant imaging. So you see, frequency and energy are not far-fetched but is widely accepted in the medical community.

Frequency Medicine Is It Real?

Dr. Paul Noger was a research scientist and physician that discovered when normal resonance or frequency of a cell is out of balance disease occurs. Through repeatedly exposing the damaged cells to their correct resonance frequency, healing rapidly occurs, this is frequency medicine.

There has been many scientists that use this theory of frequency healing such as Nikola Tesla, who now we are using his technology in automobiles. Dr. George Lakhovsky wrote a book called The secret of Live, Electricity, Radiation and your body.

His research showed that when a cell is irradiated with a correct polarized electromagnetic field, the cells will pick up the frequency and assimilate the energy out of the field. This harmonizes cells, organs, and tissues.

The basic concept behind Frequency Medicine is that every material thing has a calibration frequency which can be measured in Hertz (Hz). These electromagnetic frequencies have been researched for over a hundred years. Water, sunlight, music, computers, MRI, and even strands of your hair have a frequency. There are a diverse amount of frequencies for diagnostic testing and treatment. Research shows that some frequencies have the ability to destroy pathogens in the cells. Some frequencies detox and de-stress the cells, and some increase the millivolts of the cell to cause the production of more healthy cells. Some frequencies are neutralizing as well.

Frequency Medicine Is Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine also uses frequencies. Cold laser therapy is a treatment that has been proven as a suitable means of delivery to cells and tissues of people, pets, and plants. Dr. Paul Nogier was a research scientist and physician who discovered that illness and disease result when cells, molecules or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance or vibratory pattern. Through repeatedly exposing damaged tissue to the normal resonance frequencies associated with that tissue, he discovered that healing often occurs, and sometimes very rapidly.

The earth emits a frequency of 8Hz which is called Schumann Frequency. It was discovered that Yogi’s, Qigong practitioners, and Faith healers give off the same frequency which has a profound effect on the human biochemistry and cell matrix. They are moving the energy throughout the body.

Every organ of your body has its own resonant frequency or vibration. When a musical instrument is out of tune, it won’t vibrate in harmony with the rest of the band’s ensemble. The body works in the same way as an instrument. Proper harmonic frequency to each organ makes that organ function at optimum performance doing the job it is intended to do.

The existence of strong electric fields across cellular membranes is accepted as a basic fact of cell biology.

Most illness comes from an auto immune malfunction. When sending frequencies of every atom to your body, we are eliminating the negative toxins in your body and restoring healthy frequencies to the cellular memory. This allows regeneration of your immune system back to 100%.

Frequency Medicine Meaning

At this time, voice recognition frequency medicine is a treatment option available to those that want to use alternative methods. The voice patterning of a person can help determine where there are imbalances in the body, and then this can help the practitioner choose frequencies that will correct these imbalances. This is not hard to believe because your voice has a resonance when you speak or sing and can be paired with specific imbalances in your eco system.Frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free, and surgery-free therapy that is beginning to revolutionize healing.

Thanks to all of this research and knowledge we have gained a great insight into how frequency medicine works. We can now have technology tune in to heal ourselves!

Since everything in the universe vibrates at its own specific frequency, if you have been vibrating to a certain frequency of illness, the key to healing is to interrupt that frequency and replace it with another frequency of perfect health and balance

To achieve good health, you cannot poison your body with drugs, chemicals or radiation. Holistic medicine stimulates the body’s internal healing force to heal itself.

You can only achieve health with a healthy lifestyle. Frequency Medicine Get’s you there quicker and is the new alternative medicine done holistically.

The innate energy within your body can pick up healthy vibrations from the Universe we now occupy.

Office air conditioning is too cold, women think, and science says they’re right

This article published on Today goes some way to explaining why women find it so cold in the office when it is blistering hot outside and this may actually be the Air Conditioning issues.

Health & Wellness

Office air conditioning is too cold, women think, and science says they’re right

To all the women bundled in sweaters and blankets in your office air conditioning even though it’s 100 degrees outside: A recent study says that it’s not all in your head. It really IS cold.

As many women bundle up against the arctic air conditioning, their male counterparts one cubicle over have no idea what all the fuss is about. It turns out that science says the office A/C may be biased toward temperatures that more comfortable for men – thanks to a formula from more than 50 years ago.

A 2016 study in the journal Nature Climate Change notes that the temperatures in many office buildings are based on a formula developed in the 1960s that employs the resting metabolic rate of 154-pound, 40-year-old man.

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More than half a century later, the workforce is much different, but the thermostat isn’t. Half of the workforce is now female, and many of them are wrapping themselves up in blankets to be able to type without shivering. The new study finds that females prefer the average temperature at home and in the office to be 77 degrees, compared to 71.6 degrees for men.

Women tend to have lower basal metabolic rates, so they tend to burn off energy a lot slower, Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil of NYU School of Medicine told TODAY. They actually give off less heat than men, so they tend to be colder.

The summer heat also usually dictates clothing choices that can have women taking outdoor breaks to thaw themselves out in order to escape their air-conditioned offices.

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Women tend to wear skirts, so maybe they have their legs kind of bare and cold, and their arms might be out, Nampiaparampil said. Men wear more layers. They tend to wear jackets or suits. You add all these things together, then it’s more likely that that difference between men and women is going to be more pronounced.

Those chilly temperatures aren’t great for productivity, either. A study cited by the The New York Times showed that people make more mistakes and get less work done when the air temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit compared to when it’s 74 to 76 degrees.

The other benefit of nudging a home or office thermostat up a few degrees is to save money. Raising the temperature from 72 to 77 degrees can save you about 11 percent on power bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Every degree above 78 saves two percent on your energy bill, while every degree below 78 costs an extra six percent.

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Another tip for saving money on the power bill is to keep appliances like televisions and lamps that give off heat away from the thermostat, because they can cause the cooling unit to activate when it’s not necessary. Regularly cleaning the filters on your air conditioner also can reduce your energy consumption up to 15 percent.

Follow writer Scott Stump on Twitter and Google+. This story was originally published in August 2015.

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